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SCHMIDT Technology offers under the name SS 20.260 a new flow sensor which is robust and very compact. It´s measuring range of 50 m/s and linear analog output identify him as universal sensor for measurements of air velocity, volume flow and mass flow in a lot of applications. The sensor is robust due to a chamber in which the sensing element is protected against impacts. The stainless steel sensor tube is available in different length and thus can be placed at the correct po-sition regardless of the size of the duct. Two LED's indicate the correct operation or inform about wrong supply voltage or sensor defects.


  • Flow measurements in air ducts, 
  • Volume flow measuring in test benches, 
  • Combustion air control in burners for oil, coal, wood or gas,
  • Flow control in cooling or drying constructions
Technical data
Design: Immersion sensor with attached transformer
Applications: Free air and guided air in ducts from 25 to 500 mm
Medium: Air, Nitrogen, CO2 Other gases on request
Measuring ranges wN: 0.2 - 50 m/s 8.2 / 32.8 / 65.6 ft/s at 20 °C, 1013.25 hPa
Pressure range: Atmospheric
Mounting: Thread
Power Supply: 24 V DC / approx. 100 mA
Output: 0 - 10 V / 4 - 20 mA linear
Display: 2 LED's

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SS 20.260

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