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Flow rate volumes of gases – an important parameter in industrial processes


Measures to save energy and to assure quality in the production process are of particular importance in industrial processes. The ability to measure volumetric flow rates and volumetric flow of gases precisely has an important role to play in this. The requirements imposed on the flow rate sensor used for this are demanding: the sensor has to be capable of delivering precise measuring results for different gases, at high overpressures and across wide ranges of temperature. It also has to be able to do so under the most difficult environmental conditions such as explosive areas and in the open air. A further criterion involved in the selection of a suitable sensor is the prevention of maintenance and its attendant high secondary costs. Ease of assembly and reliable measuring values for many years: that is the objective.

SCHMIDT® Strömungssensor SS 20.600

The "true professional" for industrial processes
and pneumatic technology


The thermal SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.600 is the perfect solution for demanding industrial applications. It can be used for a diverse range of applications, such as compressed air monitoring, gas monitoring on process burners, consumption recording of gases and a great deal more. The sensor records flow speed as well as media temperatures of up to 120 °C. It can be used in small tubes from DN 25 upwards and can involve a sensor length of up to 1 metre to measure the volumetric flow rate in large channels and ducts. If the standard version is not sufficient for overpressure of up to 16 bar, a version rated for up to 40 bar can be selected.

This sensor is very easy to install: screw down the sensor using the compression fitting included, align the sensor in the gas flow and centrally in the pipe, connect up its electrical wiring – done!

This sensor operates without any moving parts and employs a measuring principle that eliminates any drift or signs of ageing. This reduces the maintenance required for the sensor – depending on how contaminated the medium becomes – to the occasional need for the sensor head to be blown through (air blast) or rinsed in water.

SCHMIDT® Strömungssensor SS 20.600 Variante

High gas speeds, special gases or explosion protection? The SS 20.600 can do (almost) everything!


The special chamber head sensor records flow speeds of 0.2 m/s up to 220 m/s. In order to obtain precise measuring results covering this very broad speed range, every sensor is individually adjusted in a precision pressurised wind tunnel.

To enable this sensor to be used in different gases, a range of individual versions is available, e. g. for pure oxygen, CO2, methane. For use in potentially explosive atmospheres and environments, the sensor is optionally available in an explosion-protected version (ATEX).

Application example

  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • Shielding gas flow measurement
  • Control of volume flow
  • Control of compressor
  • Exhaust-air monitoring
  • Control of combustion air for block-type thermal power plants and fuel cells
  • Measurement of air mass flow in burners and combustion engines

Product advantages

  • High temperature gradient permissible
  • Electronic temperature compensation active in the whole range of operating temperatures
  • Large measuring-range dynamics of 1:800
  • Easy, cost-saving mounting
  • Pressure-proofed up to 16 bar, optional 40 bar
  • Digital output for connection to supply meter or energy management systems
  • Optionally with integrated field bus interface


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SS 20.600

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