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SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.651 - Maintenance free flow sensor for air and gases with high temperature +350 °C, highly responsive from 0.2 m/s

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.651 - remote version

Maintenance free flow sensor for air and gases with high temperature, highly responsive from 0.2 m/s.

Flow measurement at high temperature and under pressure
Measurement of flow velocity and / or volume flow at higher temperatures up to +350 °C is very important in many ­applications with regard to energy efficiency, quantity detection and system control. Accordingly the requirements for a stationary flow sensor are very high.

Temperature output
In addition the temperature of the medium will be measured. This represents an important process parameter which can be used for monitoring or controlling. In combination with the measured mass flow this allows to calculate heat flow or heat flow volume.

Mechanically robust
The sensor is exposed to high temperatures and forces caused by gas flow. A long operation time without any maintenance is very important because in some cases access to installation sites is difficult. For that reason sensors without wearing parts are particularly economic.

Exact and long-term stable measuring values
Precise measurements are essential, even after years in operation all readings have to be as reliable as on the first day. The "Drifting" of sensoric characteristics e. g. of the zero point or measuring values is inacceptable. Changes of process parameters like temperature or pressure may not affect measurement accuracy.

Different installation sites
Each installation site has its own requirements and sometimes they are very restrictive. Therefore a sensor has to offer flexible installation possibilities like various probe lengths or the ability to tolerate suboptimal mounting conditions. Size also plays a role – a bigger device suffers more cutbacks considering limitations of mounting space.

Wide flow measuring range
Due to different operating conditions or load periods the sensor must be able to measure both minimal and maximal volume flows precisely – with verifiable accuracy.


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SS 20.651

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